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Once the selected proceedings file has been downloaded, individual presentations can be selected by:

1. Clicking the Table of Contents entries on the 2nd page of each file OR

2. Clicking the Document Titles on the agenda for the corresponding Day

To save only a portion of the downloaded file:
1. Go to File/Print
2. Select Adobe PDF as the printer
3. Specify the desired range of pages
4. Save to a new file name.

Part 1: April 24, 2007 Presentations (12 MB)

Part 2: April 25, 2007 Presentations (21 MB)

Part 3: April 26, 2007 Presentations (12 MB)

Part 4: April 27, 2007 Presentations (2 MB)

Part 5: Posters (29 MB)

Synakowski's debrief to SC/NNSA Workshop on Opportunities in HEDLP (May, 2007)

Fusion Power Associates
Sandia National Laboratories

NRL Laser Fusion
NRL Laser Fusion

General Atomics

Berkeley Labs
Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratoies